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Managing Director 

and Team Mom to all!!

Coach Craig - Head Coach & Board Member

*The Jr NBA, NBA, and NBA properties do not in any way control or operate the activities of any Jr. NBA League or Team.

​Co-Founder and Vice President, ​Coach Tony High has been coaching for 20 years, both REC & COMPETITIVE basketball and Pop Warner Football. He has been coach NJB for 6 years and AAU Basketball for 8 years.

He is passionate about developing kids and their fundamental core strengths and ability.

Coach Tony emphasis on playing for FUN but playing with strong work ethic... which has lead many players down the path of becoming a better all round player and teammate!

​He believes kids education is a very important part of organized sports and also strongly believes in the values team sports imparts on the kids. 

He is passionate about improving kids basketball in the South Bay. He has been conducting basketball conditioning programs for the last 5 years free or flee to the kids just to keep them moving and having access to Open Gyms.  

He always emphasizes conditioning, commitment, hard work and teambuilding!

Coach Tony has an amazing skill set for developing players of all level and is a talented and caring mentor to his players and families. 

*South Bay Hustle is a official Jr. NBA Organization

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